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This site is the content of my own personal and changing Spiritual Autolysis and in that respect I have no wish to convince anybody of anything or to change anyone’s beliefs or convictions.

There are many subjects on this site which range from quantum physics and nature to esoteric wisdom and politics. Although at first these subjects appear to be unrelated and widespread, my intention is to show a common thread through them all via a Mindmap in an effort to explain mankind’s universal problem and its resolution. My aim is to supply an alternative view to all subjects in ‘what is real’ to create a wake up call to mankind’s pathology. I am convinced I have found the answer to this problem and hope that you may find it useful.

My Story and my TOE (Theory of Everythimg)

My website is about the search for internal freedom as the main priority and a view of the external world as a new perspective. It gives information on several different topics and disciplines but it is my intention to show the connection between all of these subjects in my personal “Theory of Everything”. I am not a scientist or academic but will speak from my own experience and how it has allowed me to see the ties that bind all of these avenues together. This conclusion from all of the information on this site will be brought together in ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… Mindmap.

I am now over sixty years old and spent all of my adult life in what may be termed as the search for conscious awakening. The journey has been wild. The outcome did not fit any of my concepts……. Enjoy! Consciousness Mindmap


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What is reality? What is real?

All I Need

With every plan I create a vision, with every vision I seek motivation

With every flaw I feel failure with every failure I feel no motivation,

With all this I feel pain and lack of love within.

With no plan I can sit and relax with no vision I am open to everything,

With no need for motivation I feel peace, with all this there is no failure.

With all this I can see the garden full of opportunity.

With all this opportunity I feel blessed.

With this blessing I feel excitement and joy.

With all this I need not search nor ponder,

for I have the energy and power to rejoice in this world of gifts.

With all this I am wondering in a meadow full of beautiful flowers,

each one a wonderful gift from the divine ready to be picked and smelt for my pleasure.

I need not search anymore as everything I need is available to me

without having to search or wonder what it is I need.

This world is full of opportunity and unexpected pleasure.

I am living in the garden of heaven.

With all this I feel total love within

With all this I am happy

An Intuition by

David Francis Smith

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