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Colin Francis Smith

Below are selection of articles I have written regarding the cause and recovery of mankinds’ condition.
A Quantum ChangeA change needed in mankind
Belief Affected DisorderThe prison of belief
Creation In ActionThe power behind creation
Seek And You May Not FindThe endless search
Thought: The blight of humanity and its effect

My website is about the search for internal freedom as the main priority and a view of the external world as a new perspective. It gives information on several different topics and disciplines but it is my intention to show the connection between all of these subjects in a personal “Theory of Everything”. I am not a scientist or academic but will speak from my own experience and how it has allowed me to see the ties that bind all of these avenues together. This conclusion from all of the information on this site will be brought together in    My Story.

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  1. To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.

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