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me and my website:

**My Story**                                                                                                                                          **My Music**
My website is about the search for internal freedom as the main priority and a view of the external world as a new perspective. It gives information on several different topics and disciplines but it is my intention to show the connection between all of these subjects in my personal “Theory of Everything”. I am not a scientist or academic but will speak from my own experience and how it has allowed me to see the ties that bind all of these avenues together. This conclusion from all of the information on this site will be brought together in My Story.
I am now over sixty years old and spent all of my adult life in what may be termed as the search for conscious awakening. The journey has been wild. The outcome didn’t fit any of my concepts……. Enjoy!
Please feel free to comment in any way you wish. I have no argument with anyone and I am not trying to convince anybody of anything, but I am trying to show an alternative method to finding internal freedom and how the external world and its human systems may not be what they seem.
Do you want to take the Red Pill, you know you want to! or is it an Inconvenient Truth.
In any event please checkout John Sherman, he’s my hero. The man who figured it out.,IMHO.
I do hope you find it interesting and maybe somewhat enlightening at least externally!

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