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Belief Affected Disorder


Oh dear! Another human malady brought about by the fear of life, sad!
or should I say BAD (Belief Affected Disorder).
Belief is the mental temperature that freezes thought and stops it flowing.
Today this is what it seems to me! Tomorrow it may seem different and this is the open flow of learning and expansion of consciousness. To be childlike is to have no restriction to information coming in and no restriction to it going out. The fear of change is part of the fear of life. The desperate search for security in order to feel safe in a frozen belief, when in actual fact there is nothing to fear and no need to hold on to security.
We are not what we believe. Beliefs are just thought patterns frozen in place and crystallized into a false reality. Reality can never be understood in thought and therefore cannot be placed under the regime of belief. You may believe in aliens, someone else may not. It has no bearing on reality. They either do or don’t.
Reality is an experience which then may produce thought which may produce a concept about it; belief”.

How do you experience reality? You are and always have been!

We make stories up about it and frighten ourselves to death, literally. Belief is irrelevant to reality. Information comes to us and is projected by us as our story our expression of life which is fascinating but it is only our story, something to enjoy, not something to be scared of.
We spend all of our lives trying to be good because we believe we are bad and then act that way. We search for peace because we haven’t got it. We search for success because we feel unsuccessful. We have got to get all of these things done before we die and there is not much time left. We are dancing as fast as we can before 12.o’clock comes because then the party or the nightmare is over. If we don’t get these things done we will go to hell because God is an angry god who loves us but will put us in burning hell if we don’t do what were are told.
Taking into consideration the track record of human beings, belief has had no success and in fact has caused so much of the damage that the human race has bestowed upon itself and nature. I have stated elsewhere on this website that the most intelligent species that has ever been on this planet has caused the most damage to its own home, its own species and all the other life forms here. i.e: Humans. Why?
All of these beliefs and concepts are caused by fear of life and in turn cause more fears and concepts which binds the whole process together, and since the whole of mankind is backing up this system, we are heading for disaster. This is not a belief but an actual reality of our condition that can be clearly seen everywhere we look. It would seem that we would be far more humane and natural without belief and therefore be able to express the unhindered flow and expansion of consciousness and experience. When the fear of life has gone, the roots to this problem are severed, the healing from the effects start and the rat race stops. If you win the rat race, you will still be a rat.
There is a need for a Quantum Change.
Free ebook. Fear of Life.

The psychology of belief and an introduction to consciousness.

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Belief is the human viral effect of fear which negates the ability to see everything for the first time

every time

6 thoughts on “Belief Affected Disorder

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  2. I’ve found myself here quite a few times before while looking various things. I appreciate the detailed articles you write, and in some cases this is the ONLY place I can even find them. Cheers

  3. Hi Ho,
    I like your brave attempt to openly discuss ‘belief.’ The crown of creation is full of this sh8?e. Witness wars, polution, indoctrination.
    So much of thought is ‘an unexamined belief’ [J Sherman].
    I like the phrase ‘Show me a belief’. But how could you…?
    They are no more than a jumble of thoughts masquerading as truth; which we erroniously take to be real.
    Worse, we act upon them, then, all hell breaks loose! Because we act on a thought!
    We could ask, and, try to see, ‘to whom does this concern?’ [thanks Ramana!] but we don’t.
    We blindly believe thought knows what it’s all about.
    B.A.D eh? Nice one!

    • I could reply by saying, ‘I believe you are right’, but I’ll try not to.
      My past experience of following thoughts, originating in fear and encumbered by belief, has caused so much pain and trauma in my life.
      I suspect that your comment has originated from your experience and in that respect we are definitely on the same page.
      I sincerely hope that you enjoy the benefits that will come from your true insight. Not BAD mate!

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