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In The Beginning

The Creation of Maya

About fourteen billion years ago, give or take a few months, when all that was, was all that is, and all I was, was consciousness, I became really intrigiued and had this strange feeling that grew and grew. What was it? I would like to ask myself what it was, but I couldn’t because there was no language. I didn’t know it but I wanted to be creative, but there was no creation. I wanted to be inventive, but that hadn’t been invented yet. I would like to think of ways to overcome this problem but there was nothing to think with or so ‘it seemed, er..mm’….Anyway, it became so unbearable that I thought I would explode, Hey’, a thought, the first one, Wow! That’s a strange feeling. A feeling of ;….. I didn’t know. This was very exciting and frustrating.

Big BangOn second thought..s, who was having these feelings? I had to find out, and if I couldn’t, I knew that I would explode and there was going to be a Big Bang, and in no time I did and there was. The first mental dream.

I was in pieces and needed to sort out this chaos and pull myself together. Now that I could think creatively because there was a creation, and there was plenty of time, because I had just created it, I realized that I could be inventive. I could do and be anything I desired; anything!

Maybe I shouldn’t pull it all back together, maybe it’s time to have some fun.

Everything was made of me. I was in everything and everything was in me. I could use this creation to express myself in a myriad of forms, and those forms needed would be created out of the stuff of me. Why do it all at once when I could do it over time and enjoy the experience of myself in a never ending stream of my own love. Well that was the plan.

Before I tell you how the plan is progressing, let me explain what I did with the bits and pieces of my inconceivable explosion.

The big bang was so intense it caused the particle size to be so small that they could not be seen but could only be measured by their effects in the form of a wave. So immediately after the big bang there was only imperceivable primal particles and there radiated effects. Particles of what and waves of what? That’s right, me! Love had awakened into joy, I could play in delight, rest in peace and return to love when I needed to sleep again. A beautiful cycle; a universal breath coming a going eternally.

This original particle was part of me and was me at the same time. A holographic Matrix. The whole in the part and the part in the whole. “As above so below”.

As above so belowThe possibilities of this were staggering so it was time to get to work.

Taking the “As above so below” strategy I could replicate this and therefore only needed to create the system once in a fractal hologram and then let it build upon itself in an eternal evolutionary process. That’s it! Apply the beautiful cycle from the microcosm to the macrocosm and let it evolve in its own way. Birth, life, death and rebirth: Spontaneous in its nature.


From joy springs all creation, by joy it is sustained, towards joy it proceeds, and unto joy it returns.” Upanishads

The omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent “Beautiful Cycle“.

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