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Are We living in a Matrix?


A wise man once said:

If we don’t change our direction we‘re likely to end up where we’re headed.”

Are We living in a Matrix?

Is a question that wouldn’t have made much sense before the making of the film The Matrix. Now most people see the question as; ‘are we living in an illusory world?’ In quantum physics, esoteric religions and philosophy and other mind sciences it would be an overwhelming yes! So what does this mean to the average human being. Probably not much as long as he or she can live life in a productive manner and a reasonably happy life it would seem. But not everything is as it seems!

I am convinced that nearly all human beings have a sense inside that, life is not quite right. An uneasy feeling that life isn’t exactly the way it is supposed to be. Even when life is fulfilling and generally happy there is a nagging feeling that is far in the background that is slightly uncomfortable. That Splinter in the Mind that was pointed out by Morpheus. Most of the time human being ignore this sense except that it causes them to go in search of happiness, success or some other source of fulfillment simply because they are not entirely fulfilled. This has been a part of life for so long that it is accepted as normal because everybody is in the same process.

When we are born we enter into a world that is completely different to the first nine months. There is no memory as far as I can remember; no experience and a limited ability to function without the help of another human being. At this point we start to take in information at an astonishing rate, according to scientists. We learn and grow our intellect as this stream of information is being fed to us from outside. It saddens me to say that most of the information I ingested during my life turned out to be uninformed and unquestioned garbage that is shared by all human beings in an effort to feel secure and alleviate that nagging feeling . Modern religions being one example but definitely not the only one. Science, religion and education being a few more.

All peers from friend to world leader seem to be hypnotized into passing on frozen beliefs that adds to the accumulation of fear, instead of being open to any information without the burden of belief. When our politicians say something we believe it. When a religious figure says something we believe it. The same for scientists and other so called experts, no questions asked and no actions taken. Self reliance has diminished to such an extent that we have become Sheeple.

Acting like sheep and being treated like sheep. Lazy, scared and hypnotized. BAAAA. Rant over!

P.S No need to go on a march. Waking up is enough. You may become the Hundreth Monkey.


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