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Quantum Change

A Quantum Change in Mankind.

My site points out many of the problems that are apparent in the world and the need for some drastic change to take place. Many people with good intention go out into the world and try their utmost in so many different ways to overcome the endless maladies that we endure day after day. I have great admiration for many people who are in the process of doing this, but sadly, I believe it is deeply flawed despite the purity of intention.

Here’s my take on it. Please don’t shoot the messenger.

Trying to fix the problem is like running into a herd of wildebeest. It is likely that you will get trampled to death. The only way to get them to stop is to take away the cause of the fear that made them stampede in the first place. If a person wants to have an effect on himself and the human race he has to start by looking at the ‘man in the mirror’ and not by trying to fix everyone else, (fixing everyone else is an excuse not to go to the source of the problem). There is a discovery called the ‘hundredth monkey syndrome’ which says that in nature when a species starts to develop and change in one part of the world and reaches a certain critical percentage of its population, then that change starts to appear in the rest of the species in other parts of the world if it is needed for the environment it lives in. This can be explained by the quantum entanglement theory in Quantum Physics in that everything is interconnected and has the capacity to take on any information needed for change and evolution. Everything in the macrocosm is contained in the microcosm which is also explained in the theory of the Holographic Universe. If a small part of a hologram is separated from the whole, it is seen that the small part contains an exact replica of the whole.

What does this mean?

In nature one can see a flock of birds or a shoal of fish moving in unison instantaneously without any seeming effort. Information from the whole is assimilated by the individual from somewhere. A spider automatically knows how to build an amazing web; a flower designs itself to capture insects. Un-taught behaviour! How does this happen and where is the information stored and accessed from? Appropriate information is accessed by all species in whatever form they might be, whether it is a single cell or multi-cellular, all the way up to a human being.

In fact as stated by Bruce Lipton, each type of cell has its own specific function and seems to know what to do and how to do it, and these cells gather together to make different and more and more complicated forms until, it is said, it reaches the crown of creation ‘The Human Being’ the most magnificent and intricate form known and known only by the human being itself it would seem. There also seems to be intelligence behind all of this, what is it? What is it doing and why? It seems to be evolving and expanding for some reason. The whole thing is astonishing! Commonly termed as the Noosphere.

‘The hyper-organism consisting of the interconnected totality of all sentient beings and the higher level of consciousness possessed by it’.

Now let’s look at this so called ‘crown of creation’. The most intelligent species known to man is man or woman. What is it doing on this planet? The first thing it is doing is a good job of destroying the home it lives on. Not very intelligent! How did the most intelligent species become so stupid?

The answer; ‘fear’. (stay seated).

Back to the wildebeest. Create fear and they go into a fight or flight state. Take away the fear and they will stop, relax and chew the fat or the cud. This fear isn’t natural fear as in the wildebeest. It is a fear of life brought about by the mis-identification of who we really are; and who are we in reality? No not this body, this surface mind with its mental chatter or the content of our consciousness or anything else we ‘Think’. We are the universal intelligence that is doing all of this magnificent stuff described above. We are the thing that looks out at everything, the same thing that looks out of every form. We are all one and while we think we are separate we will act like the wildebeest and crush everything in our path.

You have to find this for yourself, the perceiver, the same one who was looking out when you were a child and that is looking out now, that thing that has never changed.

Look at it. That is the truth. Nobody else can do it for you. ‘Nobody’. Do this for yourself and you will live a sane un-fearful life and it will change mankind into the creature it is supposed to be. A Quantum Change. Yes mankind is one creature just like the wildebeest and the birds, and all life is one whole. We have all heard the saying ‘The truth is out there’. No it isn’t. It isn’t even in you. It is you!

So why are we here? To enjoy; without fear.   Download free ebook   The Fear of Life

In my opinion, if we don’t do this. I don’t think humanity will last much longer into the future.

We won’t destroy our home, our home will destroy us.

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