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The Natural World

The Natural World

‘An incredible diversity of life in all its multitude of forms’.

The forms are wide and varied but the life that sustains them is the same universal life that exists in everything. For the most part, human beings see themselves as separate from the rest of nature in its entirety and sadly that has transferred to or originated from the separation between human beings themselves.
This loss of the sense of oneness has caused a nearly universal disrespect for all life on our planet from the minutest expression of life to the most magnificent. Sadly that magnificent life form known as human beings has turned into the destroyer of worlds rather than the creative genius it was intended to be.
This page is intended to show the destructive and creative aspects of mans’ relationship with nature and the possible reasons why these states of mind have emerged.



It is interesting to see that some people feel the pain of compassion and others seem to be oblivious to it. I am not in possession of the statistics regarding how many humans fall into the category of being uncompassionate but I suspect it is very high considering the effects we create in nature.
I am convinced that compassion isn’t a decision made by a human being but rather an effect of the maturation of consciousness. In this respect it seems that it is extremely important that a quantum change in humanity is needed, not just because of the present damage but for the future existence of humanity. If we keep on treating our mother earth and our home in this way, the future effects will be disastrous to it and us. We seem to be the only animal that is not in harmony with nature. Killing for food is one thing, although I don’t think it is necessary, but killing for pleasure and greed which includes the planet as a whole, suggests we are less conscious than we should be.

This is a wonderful example of the beauty of  nature in action.

Why have we become so ugly?