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John Sherman

I discovered John Sherman approximately four years ago after a life of studying, practicing, searching and psychological conflict. Thankfully these processes no longer arise, driven by a background sense that something needed to be done because something in life  wasn’t right. To be able to live, love and learn without the fear of life in the background is the greatest gift other than life itself.

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A Call To The World

If you do this once knowingly, you will without fail do it again… and again… and again… And the day will certainly come, without regard to anything else you are doing or not doing, without regard to anything else that is being done or not being done to you, when you will notice that the underlying fear of life is dead — an old and false notion about your nature snuffed out by contact with the reality of your nature.How To Look At Yourself
Like many of us, John spent most of his life believing himself to be trapped in a difficult, bewildering and probably meaningless life.Then, in the fall of 1994, he happened upon the world of spiritual aspiration and attainment, of wondrous tales of enlightenment and delicious insights of non-dual understanding and, not for the first time in his life, found himself head-over-heels in love with an idea; and, also not for the first time in his life, he threw himself headlong into seeking its promised fruit.

Enlightenment ensued.

After about a year of this, his “enlightenment” collapsed, all the beauty vanished, all sense of clarity and all vestige of spiritual attainment disappeared, and he was left empty-handed, wishing he had never even heard the word enlightenment — all the while still caught in the grip of its sweet hope. He has spoken of that time as his ‘year in hell.’ He set out to find just one thing that he could do for himself that would settle, once and for all, the question whether human life without fear and misery was even possible.
Based on the edited transcriptions of the meetings during the 2007 Retreat with John Sherman in Ojai, California on November 2 through 6, 2007.
In this book, John Sherman presents a clear and coherent view of the actual problem that makes human life seem so unsatisfying, and suggests a simple and revolutionary method to bring an end to dissatisfaction and misery once and for all.
‘This method is so simple that it requires nothing of you but the willingness to look within and notice yourself from time to time, whenever it occurs to you to do so’….Click on John Sherman talks for more info.

This is the book John wrote recently.


Proposal by John Sherman A call to the world.