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Spiritual Autolysis

Everything that has been thought or written is untruth in the absolute sense and since one cannot arrive at truth by word or thought,the process is to reveal truth by the clear viewing and elimination of untruth. Externalizing thought is the most efficient way of viewing and intuitively understanding its relative untruth.

If this process is made available to others, as is the case here, one can be viewed externally as a soporific, proselytizing, blatherskite at worst or that he is acting as a omniscient third-person narrator, when in fact it is known to the individual that he can never be any more than a personal, third-person limited narrator searching for truth through Spiritual Autolysis.

Nevertheless, although the information expounded here is ultimately for the writers personal journey back to the source, I cannot help feeling that it may provide usable signposts that can be eventually passed on the road back to pure consciousness. Do with it what you will!

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